Marrying a beatlemaniac it’s the best decision I’ve ever made..


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"Nobody can be as big as the Beatles because the Beatles already gave it a context. The reason they were so big is that they had no one to compare themselves with, so the sky was the limit"

—Stephen Chbosky, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (via thebeatlesordie)


All the other hands are randomly lying on top of each other…. and then there’s John and Paul’s….



"I discovered Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono so I can’t be that bad."

John Lennon - Quoted in The Ray Connolly  Beatles Archive

"Despite the famous rows, McCartney’s affection for Lennon was boundless. That was why the break-up was so bitter. “I never show my emotions in public. I didn’t even when John died. But the tears well up when I’m at home with the children and start talking about how it was. He was the person who influenced me most in my life, no doubt about that.” 

                   Paul McCartney, 1995 In an interview with Ray Connolly


An overheard dialogue between John and Paul just after John and Yoko had first slept together and recorded Two Virgins in May 1968.

'Do you hate me?' John asked repeatedly. 'I'm crazy, you know.'

'No, I don't hate you.' McCartney spoke with his face partly averted from Lennon's rapt gaze.

'Aren't you pissed at me now, Paul? Not even a little bit?'

'I'm very proud of you.'

John eased off. ‘Maybe I won’t split.’


Bio: McCartney, by Christopher Standford (via bewaremylove)

“The collaboration with John made everything twice as easy, and I think I’m right in saying it made it twice as easy for John, too. We’d do three-hour sessions and never once did we come out of them empty-handed. All those songs such as Eleanor Rigby, Help!, Norwegian Wood came directly out of the collaboration. We were both good. If he got stuck, I could always help him. Always. I never failed to help him. And, if I was stuck, he never failed to help me. Never.

“I remember turning up at his house one day with Paperback Writer which I’d been making up in the car on the way down to Weybridge where he lived then. And I showed him how it went and the lyrics, and all he said was, ‘Yes…yes…yes’.

“All he did that day was confirm what I was doing. But that was amazingly important. Without him, I would have sat and worried for ever over it. That was John’s great strength. He was like a good editor. He could make decisions quickly.”


Paul McCartney, 1995 in an interview with Ray Connolly. - The Ray Connolly Beatles Archive

Ray Connelly: Day Tripper?

John: The real line was “She’s a prick teaser, she took me half the way there” but we wrote “Big teaser in the lyrics.


John Lennon, about The Beatles songs in an interview with Ray Connelly

And I went… What?


“It simply became very difficult for me to write with Yoko sitting there,” he says. “If I had to think of a line I started getting very nervous. I might want to say something like ‘I love you, girl’ but with Yoko watching I always felt that I had to come out with something clever and avant garde. She would probably have loved the simple stuff, but I was scared.

“I’m not blaming her, I’m blaming me. You can’t blame John for falling in love with Yoko any more than you can blame me for falling in love with Linda. We tried writing together a few more times, but I think we both decided it would be easier to work separately.

“I told John on the phone the other day that at the beginning of last year I was annoyed with him. I was jealous because of Yoko, and afraid about the break-up of a great musical partnership. It’s taken me a year to realise that they were in love. Just like Linda and me.”


Paul McCartney in an interview with Ray Connelly, - The Ray Connelly Beatles Archive

This is post follows the previous one. They still talk about the break up.


“More than anything,” he says, “I would love the Beatles to be on top of their form and for them to be as productive as they were. But things have changed. They’re all individuals. Even on Abbey Road we don’t do harmonies like we used to. I would have liked to have sung harmony with John, and I think he would have liked me to. But I was too embarrassed to ask him. And I don’t work to the best of my abilities in that situation.

“I must admit I don’t want to be the one to come out and say the Beatles are finished. I agree that they were an institution, and I don’t want to go and break them up, but now I’m beginning to suffer because of all this. I suppose really I do believe now that we have finished performing together, and I do believe now that we have finished recording together. I may not be right, but I must say I’m really enjoying what I’m doing at the moment.

“I didn’t leave the Beatles. The Beatles have left the Beatles, but no one wants to be the one to say the party’s over. Last year John said he wanted a divorce. All right, so do I. I want to give him that divorce. I hate this trial separation because it’s just not working. Personally, I don’t think John could do the Beatles thing now. I don’t think it would be good for him.


Paul McCartney in an interview with Ray Connelly, The Ray Connelly Beatles Archive

At this point in his relationship with Yoko infidelity never seems to cross his mind. “We’re not immune to sex, you know,” he says as he continues to sign. “We’re always sussing each other out. But you have to weigh up whether or not it’s worth it. There’s a difference between fancying other people and having sexual fantasies about them. We wouldn’t mind going to see a sex show, you know, being voyeurs. But we wouldn’t want to join in. Our main trouble is finding people who are like us, who get the same kicks as us.”

“We’re very jealous people,” says Yoko.

“I’m jealous of the mirror,” comes back John.


John Lennon in an interview with Ray Connolly, - The Ray Connolly Beatles Archive
"If it came to the push between Yoko and the Beatles it would be Yoko for John. John would just say to us, ‘Okay, I’ll see you then’. And we’re not wanting that to happen. But it’s going to be an incredibly comical thing in fifty years time if people say the Beatles broke up because Yoko sat on an amp."

Paul McCartney, Connolly, Ray . The Ray Connolly Beatles Archive 
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