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Were these hand signals ever properly addressed?


When asked if John and Paul were “as close as the media made them out to be,” Julia Baird giggled and said, “Oh, no, they were closer!” She then elaborated, ‘“Paul and John would come to her father’s place, go upstairs and lock themselves in for hours and hours, listening to records and thumping about up there.” She said they were closer than any two people she’s ever met, and that they used to be able to “look at each other, stare at each other, and convey a whole conversation beyond all of us.” 

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"When Paul came in[to the band], things started to get a little bit more serious. Paul’s father had actually had a band, Jim Mac’s Jazz Band, so Paul was much more aware of the career possibilities than any of the rest of us were, because here his own dad had had a band. So things got a lot more structured and serious when Paul arrived. You can tell that by looking at the photograph of us in July ’57, when we were at St Peter’s Church, a bunch of guys in checked shirts, and in November ’57, when you have John and Paul in smart white jackets and everybody in little bootlace ties. I mean, already Paul’s influence was evident, you know?"

—Rod Davis (of The Quarrymen), interview w/ Gillian G. Gaar for Goldmine: Before they were Beatles, they were Quarrymen. (November 28th, 2012)
"…It’s me remembering walking down the street, dressed in black, with the guitars across our back. I can picture the exact street. It was a place called Menlove Avenue. Someone’s going to read significance into that: Paul and John on Menlove Avenue. Come onnnnnnn."

—Paul McCartney in an interview with Rolling Stone (via sherlockholmes-doctorwatson)


"Five days before the showing of Magical Mystery Tour on December 21, 1967, the Beatles had their annual holiday party. The Beatles always had a Christmas party, but in 1967, it was John Lennon who suggested a Magical Mystery Tour party instead. The Beatles readily agreed.

The Beatles, their wives (and Paul’s current girlfriend, Jane Asher), the staff of their Apple organization, various friends and family members attended. The invitation read “Magical Mystery Tour Fancy Dress Party.” In other words, it was a costume party.” (x)


John and Paul by David Bailey, 1965

"I ruined Paul’s life, you know. He could’ve gone to university. He could have been a doctor. He could’ve been somebody!"

—John Lennon (via mclennonbook)
Interviewer: How do you like not having any privacy?
Paul: We do have some.
John: We just had some yesterday, didn't we Paul?
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